Window Chicks: a New Way to Brood

     Enter the realm of the unusual.  My son, Damon, designed his own spaceship room, so you can expect something different when you open the door.  This is what might first catch your eye. Is it earthly?  Is it extra terrestrial?
On closer inspection you realize….it’s alive!

What other 7 year old can claim he has 12 chicks peeking in his window?

     A trip with the kids to the farm store to buy feed took an unexpected turn when we met these little guys. Shea didn’t even raise an eyebrow when he came home from work and found TWELVE new additions to our little biosphere. We’ve raised chicks before (look at us, getting the hang of things!) but the cage we used is now occupied by other critters. What to do? Shea, in a stroke of genius, offered this space-saving solution: Damon’s window well. It has all the features necessary: safely contained, ventilated, equipped with power for the heat lamp, and it even doubles as a night-light for Damon!  There was only a slight adjustment as he got used to the peeping toms (pun intended).
     Unlike our other round of chicas, these are meat birdies. Cornish Rock Broilers to be exact. So it is totally appropriate to hear my kids singing, “I looked out my window and what did I see?…Popcorn chicken looking back at me.”

The temporary arrangement will serve us well until they are old enough to go outside.  In fact, if things on the dressing end go well, (remember, we still have yet to butcher anything ourselves) we might make this a permanent rotation.  Some people can’t sleep without the dishwasher running or the sounds of trains passing by….Damon will be acclimated to the peeps and chirps of chicks.  That might prove awkward when he gets to college.

On a vaguely related note, here is a picture of Tayler’s window. A vast improvement over her last round of graffiti, I must say. I don’t even mind the misspelled word.


I think I might let this one stay up for a while.


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