Which Came First, the Chicken or the Purse?

Though funerals don’t make the best vacations, the best part of San Diego by far was seeing my cousins altogether for the first time in 15 years or more. Fun to catch up. They seemed surprised to learn of my country lifestyle. I forget how strange I am sometimes until I actually get out of my house.
We were all walking Seaport Village the evening after the funeral and I was having an ice cream with my dad when my awesome Aunt Peggy and my cousins all approached me.
“We have something for you.”
I looked at my dad, but they were talking to me. Why were they looking at me so funny?
She handed me a bag and on first glance, I wondered why they would buy me a deflated dodgeball. Here is what I had in my lap…

Think I can start a trend?

    The laughter was probably heard 20 miles off shore.  Now that is a designer purse!  I know y’all are jealous. I told them I would actually carry it around and keep all my buck-buck-bucks in it. The puns have continued nonstop.  I will spare you.  One person commented that she could almost see my purse breathing.  Occasionally, I check for chee chee shee.
Thanks Peggy, Scott, Brian, Julie and Aunt Peggy! That came on a day when we all needed a laugh, and I will carry it proudly evermore…or until it runs off with some cock.

Update: I cannot believe it, you can buy this on Amazon! Maybe we can start a trend!! I should get the red rooster to go with it!

5 comments on “Which Came First, the Chicken or the Purse?

  1. Jillaire on said:

    If it makes you feel better, I live in a small rural town, so while I don’t have chickens or any other livestock, I know lots of people who do. I didn’t think you were that strange until you pointed it out. : )

  2. Kristin on said:

    Ha ha Thanks Jillaire. If I wasn’t weird before, I am now, fumbling to answer my cell phone from inside a rubber chicken!!

  3. Love this purse, I keep thinking it will drop an egg when we’re out in public:)

  4. bettyqboop on said:

    HEY–my friend has that purse–she carries it PROUDLY!! Rock on!!

  5. Erika on said:

    Dude, that purse rocks. You can totally carry your favorite chicken around with you wherever you go IN your chicken purse – you would be like, so post-modern.

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