Viva La Bacon! A Review of the Bacon Maple Sundae at Denny’s

Bacon. That is all I have to say and you are drooling right?  All you bacon fans have already seen Jim Gaffigan’s tribute to Bacon, but if you missed it click here.  Bacon makes everything better. That is why, for my Thursday edition of Wherevethere, I decided to investigate an oddity you have all  heard advertised, the Maple Bacon Sunday at Denny’s.

The concept was beautiful. Who doesn’t love sweet and salty? But it was not executed well.  The bacon was great. Firm and salty, a little crispy even when slathered in dairy. That was the whole problem, the bacon was too good. It overshadowed the rest of the concoction and I found myself digging for more bacon and tossing aside the mediocre ice cream and “maple flavored” syrup.  Bacon was the star and the stage just didn’t do it justice. Like watching the Beatles perform at a used car grand opening.

I might try making it myself sometime with a strong, vanilla bean ice cream and real maple syrup, perhaps a sprinkling of sea salt to tie it all together. Kudos for a great idea.  Denny’s brave attempt at beautiful gets two stars from me. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good. Can I have more bacon now?

Incidentally, my next bacon adventure is going to be these:

Chocolate chocolate chip bacon cookies

One reviewer of this recipe commented “Don’t Fear the Bacon.” Oh I don’t, my friend.




3 comments on “Viva La Bacon! A Review of the Bacon Maple Sundae at Denny’s

  1. Erika on said:

    So, can we officially call it a bacon renaissance now?

  2. there’s a place here in LA that sells bacon doughnuts. I’ve never tried it but I’d love to sometime, sounds wickedly delish!

  3. “The guy ate bacon for Every Meal, you CAN’T DO THAT!” – Yup, that’s the way i’m gonna go. That Bacon bad boy was actually kind of good but wow, i can actually feel myself getting fatter.

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