Using Chia to Cure Heartburn

Whether accosted by constant hellfire in your chest or the occasional internal reprimand for eating a jalapeno bacon burger after 10 pm, most of us have suffered the sting of heartburn.   Web MD cites a mere 15 million Americans a day will feel the fire.  Even the strictest of raw vegans can suffer the wrath in times of stress, sickness, or pregnancy.  There are as many medications available as there are causes.  Considering how much heartburn medications cost, would you be surprised to find a natural remedy that is effective and inexpensive?  I was.  I rejoiced when I found out that Chia seeds, my favorite super food and terracotta pet product, can be used to significantly decrease, if not eliminate the burn altogether.

tiny seeds, big impact

What is Chia?

A tiny little seed with big benefits.  Only 1 oz of dry seeds has 9% of your protein for the day and 42% of your dietary fiber.  It is among the richest plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids on the planet, is high in a spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals and is easily absorbed so even those with irritable bowels or upset stomachs can take it.  You don’t need all the details here, google it and you will see.  Added to liquid, it forms a gel that can blend seamlessly into any recipe.

It has a myriad of health benefits, but I promised you one: HeartburnBGone!

Chia, meet Heartburn

chia absorbs liquid to become this weird but amazing gel.

Because of its unique hydrophilic properties, chia can absorb 12 times its weight in water. While this has awesome implications for both dieters and marathon trainees, this is specifically how it is able to get rid of acid reflux.  Where many prescription heartburn meds interfere with your body’s production of hydrochloric acid, chia will absorb the excess acid and then pass it without disrupting your balance or confusing your system.  It acts in harmony with your body while still offering quick relief.

Here’s what you do:

While chia is most often taken in gel form, for heartburn you use the seeds dry.  No worries, they are nearly flavorless…certainly better than some chalky OTC alternatives!

Take 1 tablespoon of dry chia seeds; more or less as you think necessary. You can’t overdose and you can’t do this wrong.   Wash them down with a gulp of water, in the same way you would take a pill.  Wait about 5 minutes and then drink a full glass of water or more.  Repeat as necessary.

Do this daily as a health supplement to treat and even prevent chronic heartburn (take at night and/or in the morning) or simply take as needed for flare-ups.

Chia: not just for gag gifts anymore!

Chia Believers (testimonials):

Shea, who deserves heartburn for his eating antics,

has been able to give up Prilosec and antacids.  He eats chia at breakfast everyday.  My sister has had reflux since she was a teenager and is now off all meds.  I had a horrible attack on a recent road trip (Jack-In-the-Box should market emergency chia chasers!) and thought I was going to die.  Going from a raw food regimen to a road trip diet nearly did me in.  An entire bottle of Tums didn’t touch it.  Chia saved the day.  It took two doses, but the blessed relief settled in and I was saved.

This stuff is especially miraculous for mommies-to-be.  I have introduced chia to several pregnant friends who now sing the praises of the Aztec wonder seed.  Instead of spitting fire for 9 months wondering what is safe to take, try using chia everyday. The nutritional benefits will give you an energy boost and the omega-3s will assure your child is an Einstein.

More Chia Superpowers

Heartburn relief is only one chia’s many uses.  Unlike so many superfoods, Chia is nearly flavorless, has no aftertaste, and is easy to hide, making it supremely kid-friendly. I use it in sauces, soups and smoothies. I also make a pudding with it that my kids fight over. You can grind it into flour or cook with the gel.  Can be used as an egg or fat substitute in baking.  Runners and hikers use it as a portable, high-energy food. Legend has it Aztec warriors ran all day on nothing but chia.

Where do I find it?

It has in the past been expensive at health stores, but I purchased it this week at Sunflower Market for 4.99 a pound. That is as cheap as I have ever found it online and no shipping charges!  Below is an Amazon link to my internet source.  They have great prices and you can order in bulk.  Chia is becoming more and more available as the public becomes aware of its superpowers.  Unlike flax, chia is shelf stable, storing 3-5 years dry (but only 2 weeks in the fridge if you make gel) so feel free to stock up when you find a sale.  Considering the health benefits, it is a small price to pay!

Bid farewell to expensive medications with mediocre results.  Say goodbye to heartburn the natural, effective way.  Whether you are using it to extinguish heartburn or to supplement your healthy lifestyle, chia seed will prove that tiny things can have great impact.

Happy Chia-ing!

Important note: because they absorb water, chia can be helpful in regulating hydration and helping the body utilize water more efficiently.  This is great news for athletes and makes chia a great pre and post workout snack.  However, the same properties make them hazardous: chia will pull water from your body and actually dehydrate you if not taken with ample amounts of water.  If taking seeds dry, always always follow-up with water!



13 comments on “Using Chia to Cure Heartburn

  1. Erika on said:

    I first heard about it in the running book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall. He talks about how the Tarahumara (super-marathon running tribe in northern Mexico) eat the gel as fuel for their mega-runs. And now I’ve recently heard about more and more marathoners and ultra-marathoners using it. Do you think if I eat it it will give me the desire to run? That’s the kind of superfood I need.

    • Kristin on said:

      It keeps you hydrated and provides slow-release energy so it is perfect for marathons. Supposedly, Aztec warriors carried a pouch into battle. I eat it everyday and so far I have neither the desire to run nor vanquish my neighbors and sacrifice their children, but will keep you posted.

  2. Tori on said:

    Will you send me your recipes? I want to try this.

  3. Jenny on said:

    Chia rocks, I’m so glad u blogged about this! I’ve had GERD etc and pills stopped working. This is the only remedy that works and also being pregnant, this is a God sent!! You rock!

  4. Michelle K on said:

    I’ve got a bag of Chia seed in the fridge, never knew what to do with it until now! Would you be willing to send me the recipes you sent Tori? I’d love to know more!! Thanks!

  5. Christina on said:

    I also want recipes! This is fascinating!

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  10. This is great! can you please share me your recipes? I have one big bag of Chia Seeds and do know what to do with it. I have been suffering from indigestion, heartburn and constipation. Thanks a lot.

    • Glad you liked it! I have another chia post that has recipes in it:
      I eat chia most in smoothies. I also take a spoonful or two dry and chase it with lots of water when I am too busy to fix lunch. I love chia pudding. Recipes in the post, but just mix 1/3 cup seeds with about 2 cups of chocolate milk and there you go. (or almond milk and chocolate if dairy upsets your stomach). Shake well every few minutes or so and in about 15 minutes you will have healthy chocolate pudding. I highly suggest sticking with the chia to see if it helps your heartburn and even other issues. I have seen amazing results and won’t do a day without taking it now!

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