The Purple Barn: A Proud Family Tradition since 2011

Happy accidents. I love them. 50% of my offspring were happy accidents. Can I say that on a blog?
We had a happy accident while painting our little barn this weekend. It almost became the Barbie house of livestock, but now, my family “farm” has an identity.
The vision for the barn was traditional, classic Red with White trim. But alas, I am cheap. I scrounged free paint. (This is not new, all my kids’ rooms are painted with bright colors I obtained by rummaging at the dump.) After mixing all the reds I had on hand, I ended up with….drumroll please….PINK. Hot pink.

I tried to envision my barn that color, and it wouldn’t have worked without a disco ball, maybe even a pole. It just wasn’t right.
So we ran the 5 gallon atrocity to Lowe’s. They added a million shots of red to it and behold….pinker.  As a last resort, they added some black and voila! We ended up with purple. So I now have a purple barn. I love it.

My friend Leslie took time to come help me paint all day Saturday.  We have painted

A sad, colorless barn

together countless times, but this was a new dynamic.  Have you ever been painting while a goat chewed on your cargo pants?  While chickens pecked at your toenail polish?  One unfortunately adventurous chicken has a purple dollop on her back as a souvenir.

I love that Shea was gone all day and came home expecting a red barn only to  behold our Barney-inspired artwork.  He didn’t even blink.  Guess he is used to surprises by now.

Wedged between the barn and the coop. Love my painting outfit?

The more I think about it, the more I like it though.  We need to register our goat herd so we can have our goats papered (because why not?) and couldn’t think of a great herd name.  I wanted a name that we could also use for the line of products I hope to be whipping out down the line: fresh eggs, cheeses, jams, salsa, produce, lotions and even soaps.  And there you go: Purple Barn!  I can see the logo on my custom labels and jars now!  Watch out, you will be begging for that brand one day! :)  But I am getting carried away. First, I have to actually finish painting the thing.  (I hate trim!)

Still working on the trim, but you can’t miss this from the street!

Happy things happening down at the Purple Barn (sounds like a bar, awesome!)  Here is a short clip of a typical morning romp at the barn.    I love the combo of jammies, cowboy boots and hat Zaida has going on.  (and sorry, I will figure how to flip it vertically when I have time.)

6 comments on “The Purple Barn: A Proud Family Tradition since 2011

  1. Charity on said:

    Amazing! And I would totally buy anything Purple Barn was selling. You never cease to amaze me with your awesomeness. I can hear the story in interviews someday: “So, how did you come up with the name purple barn?” “Well, it began with the dump…”

  2. julimucca on said:

    That is awesome! I love it!

  3. Erika on said:

    The barn looks gorgeous, and I just can’t get over how great your grass looks. It’s so…green. Maybe I’ve been in Tucson too long?

  4. Karin on said:

    Love, love, LOVE the barn! What a great color and brand name. Loved the video too, Z is too funny. Can’t wait to see finished pictures of the barn.

  5. Becky Porter (The Mom @ Babes in Hairland) on said:

    Love the barn. I’m going to have to do a drive by soon so I can see it in real life! I think those goats just wanted after her fabulous back pack! They probably were jealous & wanted one too! Awesome that everything is coming together for you guys in your new place! So glad you guys moved in! :)

  6. Aunt Peggy on said:

    I love your barn!!! Couldn’t get away with that in our neighborhood (deed restrictions you know) but would love to try. XO Peggy

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