The Beatles: My Kids & I Come Together

My kids are this excited to be out of school

Here comes the sun.  Time to make breakfast for my 4 kids, since me oldest two are off track.  (Instead of a 3 month summer, year round school programs give them periodic 3 week breaks and they attend, well, year round.)

Four high-spirited kids at home all day can make it feel like a Hard Days Night nearly Eight Days a Week..  What’s a mom to do?

Beatlemania hits Damon, 7


Beatles Appreciation.  We just adopted what I think to be a brilliant course of study.  Every morning at breakfast I pick a different Beatles song to highlight and we play it through the day.  The benefits are amazing. Not only do my kids recognize classics now, it sets a groovy mood to the day, we often break into dance (a sight that shall never be posted) and build common ground…the same ground I have with my dad when we listen to Beatles tracks.   Unexpected perks are the discussions they bring up.  Today we listened to “In My Life” and talked about the “people we love who went before,” most recently my Grandpa, who they called “Grandpa the Great.” It was sweet.

There are countless other applications as well. Teaching pedestrian safety? “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.”  Weather forecasting? “I’ll Follow the Sun.” Manners? “Please Please Me.” Can’t tie your shoes? “Help! I need somebody…”  This list goes on and on.

Coo Coo Cachoo, I am the Walrus…I mean MOTHER.

I would personally like to thank the Beatles (I am sure Paul or Ringo will read this blog and George and John are undoubtedly pausing their heavenly jam sessions to take note) for creating music that bonds generations and allows us to rock together!


2 comments on “The Beatles: My Kids & I Come Together

  1. Erika on said:

    Just please don’t get into Beatles ‘herbology’ with the kids. “Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds” is really more like college material. That said, I learned everything I know from the Beatles and just look how well I turned out!

  2. Charity on said:

    So I’m not such a great morning person, and I really wish I were, and I think you’ve just given me a great new plan for jumpstarting my days: Beatles for Breakfast. Sergeant Pepper tolerates no morning slumpiness!

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