Little Purple Barn is brought to you buy the color purple, the smell of barnyard, and two key sponsors.  I highly recommend their services*, and not just because they treat me right!

♥♥ Golden Herbs: Purest Herb-Infused Minerals for Maximum Vitality ♥♥

Now you can experience the natural healing power of herbs and minerals harnessed together in proprietary extractions. All of the products offered at Golden Herbs are made with the purest, all-natural ingredients.  Golden Herbs products are formulated for optimal absorption into the body for greatest effect.  There really is nothing like this anywhere else!

And what’s more….They will make CUSTOM BLENDS for you! If you can dream it, they can probably make it!

A Few of my Favorites:

It’s hard to pick, I use so many of them, but here are the first few products that come to mind!

ChocOLotAhh…the chocolate that loves you back

I call this one “Mommy’s little helper.” A little lift with a chocolate kick. mmmm.

Liquid Life Silver

Read about how my family uses silver to stay healthy in cold season! Flavorless, kid friendly.

Liquid Life Gold

A natural, effective detoxifier that does not include starving yourself or nasty tasting concoctions.

Contact them with your herbal and mineral questions and needs!

Visit www.goldenherbs.net
call 1-801-609-Herb

If you live local, send me an email and see if I can save you some shipping.  I can also try to answer any questions you have about their amazing product line.


♥♥ Meet the real estate agent who made the Purple Barn possible! ♥♥

Buy or Sell: Serving those who call the Wasatch front home.

Without the extraordinary diligence and patience of a real estate agent, the lofty half-acre dreams of a girl with no experience, specific requirements, and limited funding would never have resulted in a home for my family and the Little Purple Barn!  Leslie made it possible for me to sell my house for top dollar in a falling market and buy at bottom dollar the house of my dreams!

If you have even the slightest inkling to change your story, to explore possibilities, or to start new….give her a call or shoot her an email.  Leslie can help you work things out.

Leslie Fink


♥♥ Finally, support our site by shopping on Amazon.com through this link: ♥♥

Little Purple Barn

Each little commission goes toward helping sustain our little farm, buying feed and paying for any one of the crazy ideas in my head!  Thanks so much!



 *a word about recommendations: At Purple Barn, I like to share a lot of products, tips, brands, books, and such.  If ever I say it, know I mean it.  Whether I receive  compensation or not, I would never endorse a product or service I didn’t support myself!   Contact me if you would like to advertise, or have me product test for you!

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