My Not So Secret Weapon for Fighting the Flu

Okay, I have a goat post I have been sitting on for awhile, but I keep finding other things to write about. That sounded strange. I mean, I have updates about our goats since it has been so long since I’ve written a happy farm post. But that will wait til next week.

Kristin, you can't use that phrase, I own "favorite things!"

I am excited to share something with you all! What is a blog but show and tell anyway? Move over Oprah, this is my favorite thing of 2011:
Liquid Life Silver Water
Does that sound like a cheesy cologne name? It’s not. It is hands down the best natural remedy for cold and flu you can get. Read on…

Have you heard of silver as a nutritional supplement and natural remedy?  Silver is more than the boat fare across Styx or the filling in your back molar, it is a trace mineral your body loves.  Even early civilizations knew that Silver can be used as an antiviral and antibiotic (the history on this is interesting to me).

Paul Karason can tell you about the wrong sort of silver

You may have also heard about scary side effects. Ask this guy what an unstable silver compound can do to you.  But Liquid Life Silver Water is different, it is not a colloid or an ionic mineral salt.  This is the real deal.  It is a form called Crystalline. Oooh, I even like saying the word. That just means the element is so tiny (we’re talking Nanometers, another cool word!) that is can pass in and out of your system instantly and without leaving toxic residues behind.  In fact, crystalline minerals are the form that plants absorb from the soil.  Anything patterned after Mother Nature’s design just makes sense to me.

I actually have been working for the company that makes Liquid Life Mineral Waters, Golden Herbs.  They are the reason I get so little sleep this year…I am always up late working on their website or other projects.  Wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t teaching myself as I go, they are patient with me.  Anyway, that is how I came to know this amazing product.  Now on the site, I can’t legally make fantastic claims but on my blog, I can do whatever I want (unless Erika or Charity contest of course.) Here is what I have used and seen Silver used for:

I take it everyday to ward off the Flu. It’s more effective than Airborne in my opinion and easier to take. A little capful of nearly flavorless clear liquid is all it takes.  I even give it to my kiddies. We haven’t had so much as a runny nose yet this season. Considering I have 3 kids in public school and one at home, that’s not bad!

My sweet little niece broke out in sores all over her head.  Turned out to be staph, very painful for anyone let alone a 6 year old!  Her mom applied silver to the sores and was amazed when they nearly disappeared by morning!

I get strep once or twice every year and when I get strep I go down hard.  I know the dreaded signs and I am never wrong; strep and I are foes from way back.  Halloween eve I felt the tell tale aches and sore throat coming on.  I gargled with silver water that night and first thing in the morning and I was fine in time to trick or treat.  The miracle of this can not be overstated in my book.

I have put silver on minor scrapes, burns and owies at our house to protect from infection. It doesn’t sting and the kids don’t put up any kind of a fuss.

My mom has diluted it with distilled water and used silver as an eye wash to get rid of irritants and infections.  Crazy.

Move Over Windex, a new cure-all's in town

Am I starting to sound like Michael Constantine peddling Windex in Big Fat Greek Wedding?  May as well keep going then: silver kills odor causing bacteria. Soak your socks in  diluted silver water and let dry. Then sleep in the socks and have sweet feet in the morning. Mist your stinky shoes with the same thing.  I have heard some incredible recovery stories of people who responded to silver when antibiotics wouldn’t touch what ailed them.  I could go on.

I am not making commissions on this, I wouldn’t use the sacred cyber pages of whereverthere for my own selfish gains (or would I? Any sponsors out there?). The reason I was so excited to bring this up is because 1.  I LOVE SILVER WATER. I love giving my kids something good for them instead of relying on ineffective cold medications with their daunting list of side effects.  I also love that I have found a whole line of products to keep us healthy and “stick it to the man.”  :) and 2. drum roll please….I HAVE AN EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR YOU ALL!

A deal on silver? It's just too much!

I have always wanted to be someone cool who pulled dazzling bargains out of my hat to the amazement of all. Okay, maybe it is not that grandiose, but I did get permission to offer my whereverthere friends a discount.  It normally costs $20 a bottle (one would probably last you an entire season!) But today you won’t pay 20. You won’t pay 19.  You won’t even pay 18.75.  Hold on to your seats…from now until the end of the year, you can get a whopping $2 off each bottle of silver you purchase.  That is a 10% of saving!  You read right, 10% less you have to pay to outsmart the cooties this year.

While you stand in awe, let me offer a disclaimer.  I am slowly but surely building and managing the website for Golden Herbs. I haven’t yet figured out how to offer coupon codes on Pay Pal (anyone out there? Throw me a bone.)  So until that happy day, if you are interested, simply browse the website, and let me know via Facebook, this site, my email, smoke signals, etc. what you might like to order and I will send you a Pay Pal invoice.

But wait there’s more!!!   If you live nearby, I will waive shipping charges and deliver it to you!  How cool is that?  Charity, if you order, I will bring it to your NYC door.  I WISH!!!

Anyway my friends, here are my most sincere wishes for health and happiness this nasty cold, wet, nose-blowing winter season.

Click here to see a blog post on the site that tells more about Silver and what it does. You may recognize the picture and writing style.

Or go directly to to see their full line of awesome products.

I used Zaida to model for a nose blow on the GH website. Exploitive? I don't think so. Not unless she's wearing animal print.

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