Meet the Kids

Purple Barn is only a piece of the puzzle…these guys are the whole picture:

Little Purple Barn kids

Shea and I wanted to give them the opportunity to work and learn the values provided by farming and being connected to the land.  We also wanted to raise them on the cleanest, healthiest food available.  We turned that into a little purple barn, and these crazies added the pizzazz that makes it all fun.


Tayler Little Purple BarnTayler: Our oldest.  Since she was little we knew Tayler was destined to decorate the world. She has always been aesthetically minded and, if she had it her way, would probably have the goats wearing skirts.  She likes to draw and write and is learning to sew, which is great. Maybe she can patch our overalls. ha ha Somehow Tayler manages to get down and dirty with us, and still remain accessorized.   Her fashion sense is second only to her heart.


Damon Little Purple BarnDamon:  Our little “man of the house,” I have to try not to push stereotypical roles on him like killing spiders or shoveling poo. He is a little engineer, always trying to make work on the farm more efficient (or maybe just easier for him!)  He is the man to call for minor repairs, and has the plumber crack to prove it.  He is rivaling his daddy in eating antics. Check out the post that made him a second grade rock star: worm eater

Becca Little Purple BarnBecca: Six and Sassy!  Her room decor pays homage to the great 80’s star,  Punky Brewster, and that pretty much shows her personality: a rainbow of individuality.  She is probably the best with the animals, our own Miss Doolittle. Wise beyond her 6 years and full of sunshine, you can’t help but laugh around our Becca. My favorite Becca quote was to a neighbor who asked where our extra goat came from; she replied “Oh him? He is just here to service the ladies.”  Nice.

  • Favorite movie: Annie
  • Aspirations: be a clown or the president.
  • See her in crazy hair day

Zaida Little Purple BarnZaida: She is the fire that keeps us all on our toes.  She has a distinctive way of expressing herself and coined the famous purple barn phrase, “chee chee shee.”  She loves Dora the Explorer, Zombies, and hoarding random household items. At four, she already dreams of world domination.  Her name means “peacemaker” and we believe she may just achieve world peace…through force! Her strong will is rivaled only by here giggles; you just can’t help but laugh along with her sweet freckle face!

  • Favorite movie: Igor, Monster House, Aliens in the Attic
  • Aspirations: Dictator
  • see her in “ER Antics

Little Purple Barn kids


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