Male Bonding: A Father-Son Worm Eating Contest

Yes, you read that right. No they weren’t gummy worms.

A little background: I was doing yard work Thurdsay afternoon with my six year old son, Damon. We were cutting sod and being entertained by the “chee chees” as they gobbled down every worm we unearthed.   Damon remarked that they must taste good, the way the chickens fought over them.  And out it came: “5 bucks if you eat one.” Am I still in jr high? How do I deserve to have children? To my suprise, my Damon, more brain child than adventurer, eagerly accepted.  He brazenly swallowed one, and just to be sure, slurped a second juicy earthworm without so much as a flinch!  To his credit, he rinsed them off first.  I was equal parts disgusted and awestruck. My boy! I paid him off and he earned bragging rights. FYI: Damon says earthworms taste like “nothing, and dirt.”

Story is not finished.  When Shea got home, I told him what his son had done.   A little more background: my hubby is a stomach mounted on long, hollow legs.  He is famous for two kinds of eating: quantity and quality…the negative kind.

Adam Richman has nothing on Shea (except maybe some pounds)

Stats on my first claim: he ate a football player under the table at a pizza buffet I named “the Pizza Trough.” He cleaned up 36 slices of pizza, 3 side salads and 8 refills on his drink. The other guy caved somewhere in the twenties which means the last 16 slices at least were OPTIONAL. That is my man. He has also downed an 8 pound burrito, an entire 3 layer chocolate cake, a family size deep-dish lasagna, and shattered countless other eating records.

Shea has lived the fear factor, without the prize money.

Stats on my second claim: he finishes what other people can’t or won’t eat, and he will eat almost anything under peer pressure.  He ate the “hundred year old egg” of Fear Factor fame.  He ate a chocolate dipped cricket as part of a far fetched object lesson on the ten plagues of Egypt in Sunday School. There are too many of these to name, but if you need further proof, click this link: Shea eating a pig eyeball on a dare. Once again, you read that right.

So when Shea heard his own son had downed two wigglers, he was not to be outdone.  And that, my friends, is how we encountered this scene:

Have I lost you yet? If you are actually still around to see more, click here to see who won. Don’t click if you just ate or have a weak stomach. (Seriously, this is a clip of Shea losing the contest by losing his worms.)

Those are my men! I’d like to say we’ve been on the farm too long, that we need to get out more, that this is an exceptionally strange thing to happen in our family. But really, we were this weird to start with.  Worms away!

Damon, 6, takes the title!

15 comments on “Male Bonding: A Father-Son Worm Eating Contest

  1. Grandma Becky on said:

    I’m not being critical or anything but…I think Damon’s worms were way bigger than Shea’s. Way to go dude!!!

  2. Erika on said:

    Just for the record, I have eaten cricket. It’s not bad. But worms? Wow. Seriously. Wow.

  3. leslie on said:

    Ew. I can handle alot, but I dont think I needed the close up of WHAT came out of Shea!! Damon: you are a performer! I almost believed you enjoyed doing that, I bet the worms appreciated you giving them full body camera shots for their big debut! LOL

  4. Karin on said:

    Awesome! I can’t believe they did that. You are the man Damon! I think Damon’s worms were bigger than Shea’s. Thanks for the laugh again!

  5. That Catherine Girl on said:

    I can’t say how much I enjoyed the contest! It sounds amazingly fun in gross sort of way, but my computer won’t let me view the videos :( I feel as if I have missed out on something truly life-altering.

  6. That Catherine Girl on said:

    Ok – I have now viewed the best father-son bonding video of all time! My one question is, how do you plan to equal this with mother-daughter bonding moments, and will you record those too? Please.

    • Kristin on said:

      Open to ideas for mom and daughter bonding, but I think that involves things more like sparkly cupcakes than slimy worms. Maybe who can shop the longest? maybe we should wax something together. :) Anything but eat worms.

  7. Jillaire on said:

    I’m thinking “eww gross,” yet can’t stop smiling. I didn’t view video 2 and skipped a little to the end of video 1. What was the total?

    • Kristin on said:

      they both ate 9 and then Shea lost it, thus forfeiting the title to little Damon, who walks a little taller now. Very gross

  8. Scott on said:

    9 worms!! is Shea getting weak????? I am going to have to get my eating on and take him down. For girl time you can stick with butter.

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