It’s A Walking Dead Man’s Party: Friday the 13th at our house.

At our house, we can be a little morbid. I know this. Some kids are scared of the dark or get nightmares from scary movies. My kids, they were raised on spooky flicks.  In fact, I almost had Tayler in a movie theater. Not really, but when I saw Darkness Falls while 9 months pregnant, I swear I almost went into labor. Intense.

When Damon was in preschool, the teacher raised concern that when they drew clowns, he drew a monster clown with fangs and claws. I feigned surprise as Damon proudly showed his rendition of “Killer Klowns from Outerspace.”  A classic at the Whitaker home.  Halloween is our gory glory.  We laugh where others fear…or vomit.  My kids are going to be demented like me.  I daresay they ARE the things that go bump in the night.

Shea’s birthday invitation. “Drop in or Drop Dead”

When Friday the 13th rolls around, I automatically know I have plans. They include the same group of people and roughly the same agenda: scary movies, awesome eats. (Tonight we have plans to watch as many movies as we can stay up for while feasting Zombie style on BBQ spare ribs. I can’t wait!) But earlier this year something rare and amazing happened: my favorite day fell on my favorite person’s birthday.  So it was that to celebrate my hubby Shea’s 33rd year of life, we all had a party to die for.  January the 13th, a freaky friday like no other, will live on in lore.

I was inspired by Charity’s posts of plaid and tweed and required, for the first time ever, a dress code. Anything zombie. The deader the better.  Damon (or Daemon?) was great in a shredded white tailed tuxedo top and his, umm, bloody nub. Even Zaida (3) got into the action. She couldn’t wait for the “Jombie” party and asks me every day when we get to be Jombies again.

Birthday Boy with his Morbid Mama

Zaida’s best impression of a “Jombie”

Tayler and Damon in various stages of decomposure.

And by far my favorite picture is Bruce McClellan with my kids. Now Brucie was responsible for my training, growing up, in all things gruesome. He personally made sure I knew the classics, like Nosferatu and Frankenstein and continued with B-grade flicks like “Attack of the Killer Shrews” and “Them.”  He took me to every haunted house in the valley and shared his ghost hunting skills.  I thank/blame him for my corruption.  Now he is working on the next generation.  Love that man.

hmmm…I swear those ghosts in the back weren’t there when I took the picture!

Edibles: Gruesome Deliciousness is one of my favorite pass times. Go ahead, ask me for my recipe for meat rats [meatloaf shaped like rats with gooey red cheesy guts complete with lunch meat ears (they shrivel just right) and a beef jerky tail]. Or maybe you want my monster mashed potatoes: they look like a heaping scoop of guts on your plate but they taste great! This night featured classic finger foods and, in pure zombie decadence, a giant chocolate brain cake.

Spinach Artichoke Intestines…a big hit!

The Birthday Cake

The main event was a zombie walk.  We had a fog machine and strobe and hosted a zombie parade in the front yard. Oh, if I only knew how to get the footage off my outdated camera onto the computer! But imagine an episode of “Walking Dead” in my front yard.  The twitching, ambling, empty stare of my most beloved friends and family make me absolutely giddy.  The parade of the underage undead was probably my favorite part.  Really warms a mother’s heart to see the kids get so into their roles.

So what are you doing tonight? May I suggest you get in touch with your dark side?  Explore the horror?  Gather your loved ones and make it a movie night macabre.  I recommend Monster House or Ghost Busters for beginners.  Walking Dead for the more advanced.  Way more advanced.

Each Friday the 13h, I encourage my kids to fully express their gruesomeness in the hopes that for the rest of the year, we can walk more nobly in the land of the living.  Cheers!

8 comments on “It’s A Walking Dead Man’s Party: Friday the 13th at our house.

  1. VeNicia on said:

    You truly kjnow how to throw a terrifying party! You creep me out. (In the best of ways =o) ) Have fun tonight! Love ya! PS I gots somethin for ya. Let’s chat soon.

  2. Charity on said:

    This is amazing!! You know I love a dress code. Those photos are out of control. What an awesome party. xoxo

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  4. Amie (Fleenor) Blasi (@eimABlasi2) on said:

    I hope to do the intestines for my husband’s surprise 30th party later this month. Did you use a recipe? Thanks for any help you can give.

    • Kristin on said:

      No recipe. Sorry, I wish I was more helpful. Just mixed cream cheese, chopped spinach, chopped marinated artichoke hearts, garlic, green onion, and some parmesan until it tasted good. Probably some salt and pepper also. Then I used puff pastry. Just spooned it in and rolled it up and arranged it loosley in the pan. I baked it until browned and then painted a little red food coloring on it. I think it would be awesome as with a dessert filling and raspberry glaze for the blood. Good luck to you and happy birthday to your hubby!

  5. Oh my gosh, yes recipes please! I’m throwing a zombie party for my son & I’d live to make meat rats and/or anything else scary or gory and fun! Everything you made looks awesome!! Thank you!!

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