If you can’t stand the heat…stay out of my kitchen!

Erika had the brilliant idea to take y’all on a house tour of our abodes one room at a time. (You’ll find Erika to be the brains behind much of this blog, Charity is the beauty, and I am the….hmm…farm smell,)  You may have caught Charity’s inspired manipulation of color and space in the tour of her office.  It is beautiful. That is where Charity does her mind-blowing business of weaving words into masterpieces.  The room I do most of my business in?  My kitchen. It is not very big, not too modern, and rarely completely clean…but it is mine and I work it hard.  Something is always brewing, drying, baking, bubbling or even growing in there.

Design is not my forte. I am, sadly, more stuck in functional mode than I am in aesthetic. But, I am pretty proud of how my kitchen turned out, considering where it started.  When we bought the house, the kitchen was all white with poo brown cupboards.  There is no other word for it, sorry.  With no budget to work with (as seems always to be the case with my projects), it became a challenge to make my most used room a comfortable, bright space instead of a cubicle with prison ambiance.  Voila!

With the help of my decorating guru/partner in crime, Hope Carlson, we overhauled the cupboards.  I think my choice of blue scared a few people, but after adding trim and knobs and then treating it with a dark stain, the wood went from smurfy to serene.  The creamy white on the bottom balances things out.  Magically, when we changed the color scheme, the salmon pink, scarred and stained countertop/nightmare melted away into the scenery.  I hope to replace them someday (ahh, the mythically funded someday), but for now they will do.

Throw in a few personal touches, and I have a high functioning kitchen that multitasks almost as much as I do.  By the sink, you see some of my signature staples, a leopard skin toaster–one of my most beloved wedding gifts–and my chia jar and fresh basil.  Also out on the counter are my champion juicer and fresh produce.  The tomatoes you see are the beginnings of harvest time from my garden.  Joy!

A recent touch is the addition of my Grandpa’s wheat grinder.  I like the look of it so I leave it out on the counter.  Since he passed (the last of my grandparents!), I have been especially nostalgic.  It reminds me of him and his whole-wheat lifestyle.  I saw it in his kitchen every time I went to visit and now it overlooks my attempts to cook half as well as my grandma.  That brings me to my grains.  I love soaking, sprouting and baking with whole grains.  I also like the look and assortment of hearty goodnesses I try to incorporate in our diet.  When I conquer a new healthy food, I call it a friend. I have not made friends with all those grains yet, but I am getting closer.   To keep my friends close, I turned a cupboard into a shelf space.

Features my kitchen doesn’t have: no double oven, no overhead hanging pot storage like everyone seems to have in the movies, no island, and it is not any kind of self cleaning. (When they invent a self cleaning kitchen, I am first in line!)  I do love my kitchen. It may not be much, but when I enter this space, I am the queen sovereign unchallenged ruler supreme.  Can’t complain about that!


5 comments on “If you can’t stand the heat…stay out of my kitchen!

  1. Seeing your kitchen makes me want to move…in with you. It’s so homey, artsy, and cool. And since I am legally D.I.Y. impaired, the fact that you did it all on your own just blows my mind.

  2. Kristin on said:

    Thanks Erika! Is “homey, artsy, and cool” euphemisms for “busy, cluttered, and overworked”? I’ll take it. And anytime you are out this way, my kitchen is yours! I will make you a sorbet much more sophisticated than the last one. :)

  3. VeNicia on said:

    It’s so lovely! You do a most fabulous job. Lovin’ grandpa’s wheat grinder <3

  4. That Catherine Girl on said:

    Your Kitchen is awesome! Well organized and functional not to mention Beautiful – I love working in a pretty place.

  5. Charity on said:

    I would never have thought to do a combo of cupboard colors, but it looks so terrific!! And I love the grains you’re making friends with. :)

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