I Got Worms…and Goats.

Thought I would post a few snapshots of our going-ons:

We still have Dusty, but we found a new home for Roxy. I am sure the weather-worn cowboy figure who paid cash for her before driving off into the sunset was suprised that he had to take this home as well:

I wonder if Roxy had this framed and posted in her new home.

Becca was heartbroken.  The plan was for her to forgive me as soon as she saw what we brought home the next day. And yes, I caved–I went for the designer goats. (If I am going to get up early to milk a goat, I need more than half a mason jar of milk!) These triplets came from our neighbor across the street:

Meet: Brandon, Dora, and Punky. That is what you get when a 2 and a 5 year-old name your goats.

She still misses Roxy, but we have our hands full feeding four goats now.  We are looking for homes for Dusty and Brandon.

In other news: wonder what has been going on with my worm farm? I bet you are on the edge of your seat. I switched over the bedding so I could harvest the compost and it was full of these:

Bet you lie awake at night wondering what a worm egg looks like. Here you go!

Amazing how fast they turned a bin of newspaper and food waste into rich black worm compost.  A mere spoonful of worm castings at the root base of each veggie I plant will ensure the giant guiness book-worthy harvest I am dreaming of! bwa ha ha

Another byproduct of worm composting is a smelly concoction called worm tea. Do not confuse this for any other kind of tea!  Do not open this in front of pregnant ladies or people with heightened gag reflexes. Do not spill on you, or you will be banished to the Bog of Eternal Stench, Labrynth style!

Something that smells worse than Damons feet

This is the liquid that drains out the bottom of the farm.  I know, gross. But it is amazingly potent.  Mix 1 part worm tea to 10 parts water and then water your plants with it. If you mix it right, they won’t smell and they will take off! If you try to guestimate and end up with too much tea in the mix and then, hypothetically speaking, water all of the 200 seedlings you have growing in the office off your bedroom, be prepared to invest in Febreeze candles and apologize profusely to your hubby. I am just saying. I certainly don’t know anyone who would do that.

2 comments on “I Got Worms…and Goats.

  1. Charity on said:

    Becca’s sign — adorable! I have to say, those triplets look like serious business. Sort of like the elite forces from GATTACA — all super white and genetically engineered. I feel like they’re going to start bwah haha-ing any minute.

    The worm tea story totally cracked me up.

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