I am thankful for…my body: the workout that kicked my clunker

The ultimate clunker: Do you feel this vehicle is safe for highway travel? Yes officer, yes I do.

Everyone has owned a junker…you know the clunky car you were thankful to own but slightly embarrassed by? The car you put a key in every morning and prayed as you listened to its efforts to respond. The car you may have kicked more than a few times. Whatever its faults, it was your car, you probably even named it (Delilah).  You knew its sweet spots: how to coax the engine to start, how to work the radio when nothing else worked, where and when to apply duct tape, how to shift just so to compensate for your crappy brakes. We have all had a car like that. We loved and loathed it. We depended on it. That sentiment is how I used to feel about my body.

I have a bad back.  Lots of people have back pain, but I attribute my sense of humor to mine.  It is not always predictable, it can be subtle or suddenly overcoming, and it oftentimes gets me in trouble.

Since the first time my back went out in 8th grade, I had more to worry about my body than just my pasty complexion and lack of coordination.  Long story short, my back used to go out anytime anywhere and most my friends have either picked my sorry self off the floor or have had to bail me out when I left a job half done.  (I still owe a college roommate who had to help me with a seriously personal issue after the wedgie-war to end all sent me to the emergency room in spasms! Love you Tami!)  I have tried every therapy on the books and some off the books. Some were helpful at controlling things, but no cure presented itself.  What it came down to was a resolve to just deal with pain and work as hard as I could between the downtime.

It progressively got worse.  I had a doctor tell my 18 year old self that I would be in a wheel chair by 30.  Last year this time, I was actually using a cane on bad days and I hurt so bad by 5 pm I could hardly make plans after dark.  I was starting to feel like Benjamin Button, hitting my 70s somewhere in my 30s.  The wheel chair ramp in my back yard (it came with the house) began calling my name!

Fast forward to now: I am on the top of my game.  I can honestly say I have never felt so good!  I found an alternative therapy that helped my back immensely, I started eating right (every pound I gain strains my back, but when I slim down I feel like flying!) and, most notably, I found a workout that actually works.  Any of you that are, um, vertabraeically challenged, have heard that core strength is key to alleviating pain. But how do you work out if your back hurts, and who can find the time?!

My awesome friend Tori introduced me to Bodyrocking about 4 months ago and it has changed everything for me.  Not only did Zuzana inspire me to get going, but the results have seriously kicked my clunker out of the junk yard! That ramp in the backyard is now reserved for skateboarding and if someone has to pick me up off the floor, it is because I fell over laughing.

I am no fitness guru, but I have tried lots of things (and Charity, I would love to do yoga with you!!) Nothing has ever brought results like this.  Seriously, try it.  www.bodyrock.tv.  They share free workouts everyday, averaging 12-15 minutes a day. They have over 400 of them archived so you can find one that fits you.  It is intense interval training, emphasis on intense; but they are short and sweet. If you can push yourself for only those few minutes, you will see results.  And if you have physical problems, you can modify to accommodate yourself in the privacy of your own home with no one but your 3 year old watching. Love it!

3 weeks into body rocking: see that tiny bump where a bicep goes? It wasn't there before. :)

I don’t have time to work out for an hour a day at the gym.  Last summer I did, as we were between houses and living at my folk’s.  I did Spin classes and weights 4-5 days a week and I still didn’t get the results I saw immediately with Bodyrocking.  It is a total body workout.  I am stronger everywhere. And the ever elusive abs I thought were a myth?…well I don’t have them, but I can feel them emerging. I’d like to say it is akin to greeting old friends I haven’t seen since before childbirth, but really, I don’t think I have ever had abs.  I am a believer now. They exist.  Just check out Zuzana’s and you will want a ticket on the 6 pack train.

So yes, I am thankful for my body.  It is amazing what you can do with one if you treat it right.  I can pick my kids up and play with them all day.  I can run the dirty dash without bodyguards with stretchers.  I can even do really crazy things like stand on my feet for more than half an hour without crashing.  I have energy abounding and I just feel good.

If anyone is interested, I am creating a Facebook page: Whereverthere Bodyrockers so you can work out from wherever you are.  It is a closed group, but I will add anyone who wants to rock!  You can post the workout you did, ask questions, brag about the first real man-pushup you did, or laugh when your scores are all higher than mine.  It would be fun to workout together!

A Note about Modesty: Please don’t get after me when you see her pics. To be frank: Zuz is an ex-pornstar who turned her life around and now inspires literally thousands to be their best. I find her and her body inspiring.  I actually enjoy watching her muscles move.  She works out in skimpy clothes.  It is what it is.  If it bothers you, I can start taping videos of myself working out, but I promise it won’t be a youtube sensation. It may even be considered an act of terrorism.  I adore her site. It is full of instructive nutrition and fitness tips. Zuzana has an awesome spirit and sincerity when she talks, and the forums are all constructive and encouraging to people of all types and levels.  I love that.  It is a rare thing to find on the Internet these days.  

My homemade sandbag and improv dip station, tools of the BR trade.

The funniest thing about this, is that last year I was literally considering purchasing a walker. This year I did buy one….I use it for pull-ups and dips while I save up for a real dip station. Zuzana uses that and a few other pieces of equipment, but they are easy to replicate with household items for free. Ask me on Facebook!

Happy Thanksgiving…I am immensely thankful for so many things.  I am thankful our bodies were designed to take care of us if we take care of them.  I am thankful for my family.  And I am thankful for all of you!

Body rock really works...or you could shortcut with photoshop.

5 comments on “I am thankful for…my body: the workout that kicked my clunker

  1. I’m so glad you love Bodyrock. I do too. They are the first workouts that have actually worked for me. I feel great. I’ve been rocking for 10 months now and have lost 3 inches around my waist and elsewhere. I used to suffer from tension headaches. They were horrible. I haven’t had a bad headache since I started bodyrock.

    Oh and I love your smokin’ hot body in the last picture! 😉

  2. That Catherine Girl on said:

    This is so awesome! I showed Tabi your photo shop pic and she believed it was you. I just love little kids.

  3. Charity on said:

    Kristin! I am definitely going to have to try this! Also, your photoshopping is awesome. :)

    • Kristin on said:

      Do! I would love to see what you thought, you are in such awesome shape. If you try a workout, be sure to FB and let me know what you thought!

  4. Tami Higham Valgardson on said:

    So, remember when I came back from my mission and you had boobs! I feel that same sense of wonder now as I look at this picture of you…can you do that for me? I wonder, why would I work out if I can just stick my face on that hot body? j/k I am excited to incorporate these workouts with what I am doing already. Maybe I can find my abs again!

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