Healthy Chocolate Syrup Recipe Perfected

Homemade Hershey's syrupOur transition to healthy, whole foods has been grand, but hard. We went from fruit snack and pop tart noshers to whole fruit and quinoa consumers. Most of the bad habits are rarely missed but one threatened to tear our house apart at the seams…Chocolate Milk.
Our kids are such chocolate-milk-aholics that I seriously bought “chocolate milk colored sheets” for my bed, to camouflage their morning chocolate-milk-on-mom’s-bed-with-PBS-kids drinking habit. Not kidding. Our youngest, Zaida, is so insistent (to put it nicely) on her chocolate milk that we live in fear of running out. What is a whole food mama to do? We needed a chocolate syrup recipe that wouldn’t derail us.

Have you looked at the labels on chocolate syrup or powder? We used to drink Nesquik and thought we were doing okay because at least it doesn’t contain High Fructose Corn Syrup. Check it out:

Nesquik Ingredients

Regular Nesquik. Don’t be fooled and by their “No Sugar added” brand, it has artificial sweeteners in it that are much worse!

According to the whole food test, how many of those do you keep in your kitchen? Do you know what they all do in your body? Are all those ingredients really necessary?

So it was time to find a solution.  Hope came when I ran across a chocolate syrup recipe post on Deliciously Organic, one of my favorite blogs. She is a genius! And her food pictures are beautiful (one reason I will never be a food blog!)

Her syrup is great, but it still wasn’t exactly right for our tastes (we like less sweet, and richer!) After tweaking it a bit (most notably increasing the chocolate, switching sweeteners, and decreasing the use of heat) we came up with our chocolate syrup standard.  Everyone I have tested it on has conceded its tastiness and sworn allegiance.  It takes me less than 5 minutes to make, and I have to stop myself from sucking down the entire bottle! Check out our chocolate syrup recipe…

Chocolate Syrup Perfection

Healthy Chocolate SyrupIngredients

  • 1 1/2 cup filtered water
  • 1 cup agave*
  • 2 cup cocoa**
  • 1 Tbs vanilla
  • dash salt (I use Himalayan)


  1. Bring water to a simmer and remove from heat.
  2. Whisk in the agave.
  3. Vigorously whisk in the cocoa, vanilla and salt.
  4. Strain through a fine mesh sieve and pour into a bottle for storage in the fridge. (you can skip this step, but your bottle might get clogged on occasion)
  5. Enjoy! Use over desserts, or stir into milk (dairy, almond, coconut, rice, soy…whatever you prefer!) for guilt free chocolate milk.

*You can also use maple syrup (like in the original recipe) or honey but I find the flavor overpowering.  If you are using a reputable brand that is minimally processed, I think agave is a great substitute. See my post on healthy sugar substitutes for more info.

healthy chocolate syrup, express recipe**I used raw cocoa powder in this picture because I happened to have some.  Use what you have, I’ve even tried Hersey’s Special Dark. You don’t have to break the bank for this recipe (especially if you plan on consuming mass quantities!)

Express Method

While water is coming to a simmer in the stove, measure agave into your high powered blender.  Pour hot water in and blend until smooth. Then add remaining ingredients and blend for about 60 seconds. Pour directly into a bottle.  No straining needed, and only 1 dirty dish!

Healthy Chocolate Syrup

Finally, Chocolate Syrup has earned a place on my healthy shelf in the fridge (and it tastes so much better than flax oil!!)

Hershey syrup knock off

Finally, a chocolate syrup kid tested and mother approved!

The Ultimate Taste Test

A healthy chocolate syrup recipe sounds too good to be true.  Did it pass the kids’ test? It took a few rounds of testing before I got it right but now even our pickiest palette prefers it!  Two thumbs up from our whole household.  Alas, Zaida sips serenely and one more whole food battle is won.

So Raise your glass!

Today’s Query: We are seriously pining for our farm fresh goat milk in the off season, but still like to use raw dairy to make our mix.  I also like it in almond milk.  What kind of milk do you take your chocolate in?


7 comments on “Healthy Chocolate Syrup Recipe Perfected

  1. Yum! thanks so much for your recipe :) Z and I are twins in our need for chocolate milk!

  2. Laura on said:

    Great recipe! Thanks for sharing. My family loves this syrup. I also add a tblsp of melted coconut oil. It really carries the flavor of the cocoa. If raw or low heat cocoa is used, this is truly a superfood recipe!

    • Kristin on said:

      I love melted coconut oil in hot fudge….I just make this a little thicker. Do you use coconut milk in chocolate milk? How do you get it to stay liquid? This reminds me, I need to make another batch. mmmmm

  3. Great looking recipe, can’t wait to try it. Thanks!

  4. Adam G on said:

    Sounds like a great recipe. How long will the syrup keep in the fridge?

  5. MittenMommy on said:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. From the bottom of my heart.
    My darling daughter is one of the pickiest eaters on earth. She also has a tendency to become “sensitive” (allergic/hives) to the oddest things. First was Mucinex, next was Slim Jims, which removed an entire source of protein but was replaced, then the chocolate found in Hershey’s syrup, Carnation Instant Breakfast (yuck), even Ovaltine.
    Her breakfast went from barely nutritious, to all carb.
    Until I found this.
    I mix a scoop of chocolate Green Superfood, along with a 1/2 scoop of whey protein, a glass of whole milk, a scoop of the ultimate chocolate sauce and my daughter is eating a nutrient/protein/appropriate fat breakfast!
    Again, thank you. She is actually detoxing (pimples) and I love it. Thank you again. May the universe bless you and yours.

    • Kristin on said:

      Oh so happy it helps you out! My daughter is the pickiest person I’ve ever encountered. I am going to try your Green Superfood trick and see if I can get her to drink it! Thank YOU!! Blessings back at you and thanks for making my day!

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