Fare thee Well, Whereverthere…

Welcome to my new blog, the Purple Blog on littlepurplebarn.com. If you are a whereverthere reader, this will be familiar. If you are new, think of it as an intro.  Be sure to check out my first ever blog contest!  Let’s hear it for the age old method of buying friends…the giveaway! Here we go…

You know that feeling where you read the last word of a book you’ve really been into? The intense satisfaction, the feeling of accomplishment? The mental montage of flashbacks and emotions? The disappointment as you suddenly realize it was the LAST word? That is kind of how I’m feeling as I write this post.

Whereverthere has run its course.  It is officially and affectionately bidding adieu to the blogosphere.

I can’t help but laugh out loud as I skim over our posts and read bits and pieces.  I can’t keep the fun to myself, so here is a quick look back:

Whereverthere had humble beginnings…two creative goddesses extending an invitation to a clumsy would-be goat herder.  Thanks to facebook’s historical archives, I have bits of

Kristin and Erika “kidding” around

Erika’s original invitation to me preserved for generations to come:

Charity Shumway and I have been talking for a loooong time about starting a ‘lifestyle’ blog (whatever that means) together. We kept talking and talking about having another person do it with us and we’ve basically decided that it has to be you. We’re in it for the fun, fame, and fortune – no pressure. We think it will be the beginning of our Empire. Mwah ha ha ha ha.

We’ve been batting around ideas for a couple of weeks, and we thought it might be cool to have the girl in the city (Charity, who lives the glamorous life of wine tastings and celebrity sightings in NYC’s West Village), the girl in the country (yes, that’s you. Two words: goat. shed.), and ummmm…the girl in the Wild, Wild, West (who is wrestling angry, aggressive little wild pigs)?

The way I envision it, posts could be about anything, really – celebrity sightings, the crazy antics of your kids and/or goats, projects, links and clips, overheard conversations, etc.

I think we covered the “etc.” pretty well, don’t you?  And so, Whereverthere was born. I love how Erika summed it up on the About Us page.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

No, actually it was pretty much just the worst of times.  After all, it was Jr. High School.  As a matter of fact, the best thing to come out of  those years of awkwardness, orthodontia, and grunge fashion might just be this blog.  Separated by years and distance from those days (thank goodness), we are now three thirty-something friends living in three different parts of the country, blogging ourselves into oblivion.”

Charity and Kristin Get Goated.

Here are a few Whereverthere stats for you:

Number of Posts: 108, er 9

Top Commenters:   Jillaire and “that Catherine Girl” (you both win happy thoughts from three ways)

Top search terms:  “turning 32” and “chia seed”

Weirdest search terms: “goat eats my skirt,” “girl urinating behind dumpster” (I do not even know what that one links to) “bacon worm egg” and “window chicks” (probably did not link to what they were hoping to find.) Oh, and any number of combinations using the word “teat.”  We are so proud.

Top 3 posts:

It’s a Walking Dead Man’s Party: Friday the 13th at our house.

Down and Dirty Birthday

Udder Envy: Misadventures in Raising Goats

So What Happened?  Well…

We had a glorious 2011.  The laughs were plentiful.  The pictures were diverse and diverting.  There were touching moments, and even tears.  I look back at my bumbling first year of homesteading and turn as red as my hair.  Charity painted pictures of New York’s quirky side and Erika heated up the Arizona scene with her wit and “spicy talk.” I loved our shared memories of 911 and our attempt at a tri-state cooking show.  And can you say random? I had to share this picture/happy thought on wheels from Charity one more time, because why not?

Charity says: It’s like one of those crocheted toiled paper covers your grandma has, but for a bike.

Charity’s novel, you can’t put it down!

And then three busy girls got even busier.  Whereverthere moved to the back burner and began to thin out.  Charity skyrocketed to stardom with the release of her first novel, Ten Girls to Watch.  It is an awesome read.  Erika is writing exciting chapters in her life story as adventures unfold for her and her family. And me? Well I am just plain shy as a stand alone.  If I were in a marvel comic, I would be wearing the lime green tights of a side kick for sure.

And so it is that the women of whereverthere are branching out in whatever ways.  So perhaps this is not an ending so much as a divergence.  Funny, the homework assignment to explicate “two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less travelled by” popped into mind courtesy of the English class we shared in 9th grade (shout out Mrs Shinn!)  We share common roots, and it has been so fun to see where we have blossomed. (Did I really just say blossomed?)

Whereverthere wraps up with warm fuzzy thank you’s. Seriously though, thank you for reading.  Thanks for allowing us the thrill of checking stats and comments and publishing the ramblings of our minds. Thanks for laughing, sharing, and connecting with us.

And from the bottom of my heart thank you, Erika and Charity, for getting me to write!  I never would have ventured into personal writing were it not for your encouragement, love, and humor.  (Cue heartwarming acoustic music here.) Keep up with Charity on either of these sites: charityshumway.com or spadespatula.com.  And Erika, well, we can only beg for more!!! (Flashmob her house, anyone?)

As the credits roll, I want to exit with an invite, a giveaway, and warm well wishes.

  • Come visit me at my new site www.littlepurplebarn.com.  I will continue to write about my farming attempts, my family antics, and my passion for whole living (especially food!)  I am just getting it up and going, but hope to fill it in with recipes, tips, tales and talk.  Connect on Facebook and let me know what you would like to see or if you have interest in guest blogging!
  • In the spirit of celebration, tribute to my new favorite author, and good old fashioned bribery, I am giving away a copy of Charity’s novel.  Simply enter your email below and click the enter sweepstakes button.  I will put all the names in a bucket and let a goat select the lucky winner.  Don’t worry, the book is free of barnyard odors…I think.
  • Finally, Whereverthere has been a way for us to celebrate our lives, wherever we are.  Here’s wishing you the courage, energy, and humor to make your wherevertheres exactly where you want to be.

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3 comments on “Fare thee Well, Whereverthere…

  1. VeNicia on said:

    Aw…what a fun & lovely tribute. I love your new site, though! You are such a great & natural writer. I’m sure the purple barn and it’s fabulous fun-luvin redhead will be endeared to the hearts of many! Can’t wait to see where life leads for you, my lovely friend! =o)

  2. Yay, Congrats dear! :)look forward to all the up and coming blog pasts. onward empire!

  3. Wow. Fabulous. Certainly a glorious tribute to a vainglorious adventure. Love you, my friend! Can’t wait to see what the little purple barn has in store for us all.

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