Down and Dirty Birthday

I loved Charity’s birthday post.  The glitz, the glam–that is a party I would have liked to be at.  My birthday was last week.  I turned 33…making me the oldest whereverthere contributor.  Oldest and wisest? Only if you need to know how to get goat smell out of your delicates.   Ha ha

My birthday this year was perhaps the best ever.  And not just because I had low expectations. I mean really, 33?  Nothing significant.  Just another candle on the cake I don’t eat anymore.  I had no idea I could have so much fun in one week.

For starters, Leslie, my best friend since drivers ed, took me to IFly Utah.  It’s billed as an indoor sky diving experience–perfect for those of us who are daredevils at heart, but in reality fear serious injury or, worse, raised insurance premiums.  It was awesome.  I thought I was awkward on land, but in mid-air I am even less graceful.  At least I didn’t take off in a spin and kick the instructor in the head so hard he had to leave the tunnel.  When Leslie starts a blog, you can find out more about that.

After-hair by IFly

What a novel experience.  I didn’t know my arms could blow behind my back and meet in the middle.  I didn’t know I could bounce off walls.  Another first, drooling upward.  After I made the mistake of smiling, my cheeks flapped uncontrollably like a dog out the window and the vertical silver streams I saw whiz past me in the air made me think I would hate to mop the ceiling after a full day of flyers.

Unfortunately, the video we purchased to prove to the world how brave we are (keep in mind there was a 4-year-old kid in our session) was defective and we weren’t allowed to keep camera phones in our jump suits, so the only pic I have is this: helmet hair!

A night with my true love…Shea was there too.

On the actual day of my birthday, Shea surprised me with the best date ever.  He made reservations!!! He actually took care of every little detail: he arranged a sitter, he brought pizza for the kids so I wouldn’t have to cook, he even planned awesome car conversation that had us laughing all night.  He covered all the bases (there is another joke there but I won’t take it).  I was left with nothing to do but thoroughly enjoy a perfect evening with my perfect date. We went to the Melting Pot where the highlight of the 4 course meal was a dark chocolate swirled with Dulce de Leche and sparked with sea salt.  It was divine.  How does that fit in with my new nutritious, whole-food lifestyle?  Who cares?!!!

The finale of the week was courtesy of my awesome brother, Ryan.  He gave me a ticket to run the Dirty Dash.  If you haven’t heard of it, google Dirty Dash and sign up for one near you.  Most fun ever!

Here is a link to their official video.  Worth watching on a down day, you can’t help but smile.

I was nervous about running a 5 K, having never run any kind of K at all, but all fears were laid aside when they yelled go.  Pure fun.  The course is sprinkled with all kinds of random obstacles, hay bales to jump, tunnels to crawl through, snow makers snowing in your face, and mud mud mud galore.  About the time you figure you can’t run anymore, there would magically appear a refreshing pool of mud to wallow in.  Not to mention the occasional drink station and jello shots.  I was shocked to see some more timid participants try to walk around the mud without getting dirty.  I am not that kind of girl.   Here are some pics to prove it.

The starting line: Let’s have a nice, clean race!

My brother Ryan, he knows how to party

The Dirty Dash is designed for the young at heart.  For the entire time we ran, I didn’t think about the dirty laundry or even the health benefits of a mud facial. The only thing running through my mind was something like an enormous “WAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!”

Overall, this was an amazing week.  The calendar says I am older, but I never felt so young and full of energy.  Thanks to everyone who made me feel loved on my day.  If that is the measure of a successful event, then I had a birthday for the books!!

3 comments on “Down and Dirty Birthday

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! The dirty dash was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to do it again next year!!! You Rock Sista!

  2. What an awesome week! You are so loved =o)

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