Crazy Hair Day

Today was crazy hair day at school. Why? Because I don’t have enough to do. But really, when you see how excited my kids get for small events like this, big events like paid deadlines, online homework, yard work, and housecleaning take a back seat for a minute.  They have talked about this for weeks.

My apologies, the rush to get them to school on time combined with the bad lighting (I wasn’t going outside to take pictures in my robe, even if it is an awesome silky oriental dream!) resulted in rushed, low quality pics.  But you get the idea.

Tayler, my 3rd grade diva, shows her true colors.

Damon, 2nd grade, sports the hawk. He wonders if this can be permanent.

Becca, kindergarten, named one of our goats “Punky,” maybe we should dye the goat to match this ‘do!

Zaida was not to be left behind.  She so wants to be in school with the big kids!  So, I used a temporary wash to turn her hair red.  Before she was born, I really hoped she would be a red head…she was my last chance at genetic representation.  It was not to be, but seeing this pic makes me wonder if we should interfere with nature’s process? Really, how bad would it be to have a 3 year old with roots? Maybe not.

wow, I finally look like my mama! At least for 5-6 more washes.

On a related note:

Soon, there will be no more bad photos!  Because I didn’t have enough going on….I am taking online classes.  I do editing work from home, and some of my clients request some graphic design work from time to time.  In the past, I have hired out or bumbled through it on outdated software.  Then lightning struck.  I had the opportunity to abandon my circa 1997 PC POS for a beautiful 27″ Mac with more memory than my brain on Dr Pepper.  It is sweet.  I needed some mad skills to match my new capabilities.  Enter the perfect solution: Nicole’s Classes Online.  I have tried books and looked at other courses but nothing has been as fun and easy to fit into my hectic schedule as this beautiful resource.  I just completed Illustrator 101 and I am now starting Photoshop 101.  I hope to take 102 and so on.  They also offer photography classes great for newbies or those who want to sharpen their skills.  Check this site out if you have any interest in working with photos or design.  As a diligent bargain shopper, I can tell you that the classes are so affordable, they are a great addition to hobby bloggers or scrapbookers as well as aspiring professionals.  Each course is one month long and you work at your own pace.  The teachers are awesome and while it is mostly self-guided (the way I like it!) there is enough instructor interaction to keep you on track and confident.  Love it.  Love it!! It is not like me to plug products on my blog (well, unless they are goat birthing kits or chia seeds) but I have so enjoyed these classes, I thought I would share.  I hope to have some fun work to display soon.  I am working on a purple barn logo and some other fun projects. In the meantime, enjoy my poor quality photo attempts and here’s wishing you all a good hair day!

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  1. wow, Z looks like Jen with that red hair!!

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