A Call for Action After the Connecticut Shooting: PRAY

Makeshift memorial at Sandy Hook Elementary

‘Flowers, stuffed animals and baseball hats are among items left at a makeshift memorial at the Sandy Hook Elementary…ABC News

There are a lot of voices on the internet right now reacting to the tragic events of 12-14-12. The shooting in Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary school affects us all. Interesting how grief is expressed in so many ways. Some voices are soft and sad…others are loud and abrasive, screaming out blame or courses of action.  Gun control: some say “Take away the guns!,” while others say “Give the teachers guns!”  Home schooling*: I have heard the ridiculously smug statement “you see, this is why I home school” as if those grieving parents should have known better than to trust their children to caring teachers and administrators…even the ones that died protecting their students! Media: I have heard slams against the media for sensationalizing the violence. This could be true, and yet, when I first heard glimpses of the story on social media I ran (clicked frantically) to every news source I could think of to learn more…more…with tears streaming down my cheeks…more!

What are the answers? Each of those topics could be explored endlessly, with spokespeople screaming blacks and whites and answers entangled in infinite grays. There is much to consider and much to be done. However, for the here and now may I offer my humble opinion? Let us pray.

Whether you pray to God or Allah, to a being or a higher power; if you connect to your consciousness or a universal force…..whatever you call it, PRAY.

PrayerSome call prayer antiquated, or superstitious hopefulness.  I exert that prayer is powerful and timeless, even essential.   I believe in a loving creator who listens. I believe in 2 way dialogue, that answers will come. I believe there are legions of angels with healing in their wings waiting to be called down.  I believe prayer is how we call home.

What do you believe?

Whether or not you believe someone is “on the other end of the line,” consider the effect prayer can have.  If only for the positive energy generated by elevating and focusing collective consciousness…what power!

Lake Powell, Utah.  300 miles from SLC

Lake Powell, Utah. 300 miles from SLC

A few years ago, a dear family endured a tragedy.  On a trip to Lake Powell, their four-year-old daughter went missing.  A drowning? An abduction? For days, no one knew and our community held its breath…and prayed.  This story does not have a happy ending, per se.  Her little body was recovered from the depths of the lake.  From this heart wrenching experience, I took many sacred lessons. One was of the power of prayer.  I helped communicate with the media in the days of searching.  Some wondered if this was prudent or insensitive.  At the funeral, her father gave thanks for the media.  He talked of the hours after the story first aired.  He said in the midst of his personal nightmare it was like a wave of love hit him…the energy and well wishes of strangers…the prayers of those whose heart went out to him and his family upon hearing their story.   He said it was undeniable. And though it could not erase the pain, he marveled that it had such power to sustain him when he had no strength left of his own.  There is no way to quantify who or how many prayers were offered, but the effects were felt by those most in need.

Prayers of others saved me on a dark rainy highway.

Prayers of others saved me on a dark, rainy highway.

My own life, I am convinced, was saved one dark and stormy night when I literally changed my course due to an unexpected gift: a vision of those praying for me.  Their love and concern gave me resolve when I had none of my own.  Whether I deserved them or not, the prayers of others were my saving grace that evening long ago.

I know prayer is power.

Countless numbers prayed when news of the horrific shooting hit. What if they never stopped?  What if, worldwide, we joined in prayer? What if we continued to pray for all of us?  Instead of saying “this world is a dark place” “there is so much hate in the world today” “this world is scary” we would be living in a different world entirely. Instead of a world of strangers, some so very dangerous, we would live in one where we all prayed for each other.

Prayers from our little piece of the world to yours. May angels attend grieving hearts everywhere!

Prayers from our little piece of the world to yours. May angels attend grieving hearts everywhere!

In the aftermath of the Newtown, Conneticut tragedy, let us pray.

  • Pray for the father wondering how he could have protected his child.
  • Pray for the mother aching to tuck her baby in once more.
  • Pray for siblings, grandparents, friends.
  • Pray for the school staff in shock, that must somehow go on functioning, educating, and building futures.
  • Pray for the first responders at the scene. They have to live with those images.
  • Pray for those with mental illness, that they might find peace.
  • Pray for those struggling with anger, violence and hate, that they might find understanding, compassion, and healing.
  • Pray for the community, that they may come closer.
  • Pray for the fear to turn into resolve.
  • Pray for all of us, that we might love more.
  • Pray for peace on earth, good will to men.

Then, may we all get up and make it happen.

God bless!


*In light of some confusion, let me say that this is not a statement against homeschooling. It is a great option and I have great respect for moms that do it.  This statement was inspired by comments in a forum along the lines of “this is why I home school. It is the parent’s sole responsibility to keep their kids safe so I need to have a close eye on them.”  That is both impractical as a solution for senseless violence and not feasible for many parents.  My apologies to the homeschool moms that were offended by my statement.  I should have clarified earlier.

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  1. Annette Chambers on said:

    Thank you for reminding all of us that we can do something. I have felt hopeless because I personally could “do” nothing. Well…Something as small a prayer is the biggest thing we all can do.

  2. Lisa Mercer on said:


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