Art church? I’m a convert!

Here are a few postcards from my San Diego trip.  Grandpa lived in North Park and we mostly stayed around the hood. All these shots are within walking distance of his little house.

First up was an awesome little art studio that had some inspiring ideas:

I’m converted! Can we found a congregation out my way?



Life is good in North Park when you can work out artistically and worship with colors.  I think we should move. Even the dogs have life better out there!

Next up on our list, now that we’ve worshipped, worked out and had a dog day, a little light shopping. This is my favorite store in the world! They have a website if you want to look at them closer.  They have a converted hearse for a car and merchandise from all walks of life. Throw in a touch of humor and it is my kind of store!

The best part of walking through North Park was the weather. I drove out in a snow storm and landed in 85º heat. Where we have tulips aplenty in my neck of the woods, the array of foliage in San Diego leaves me awestruck.  Check this out, my little nephew, Ryder, moseyed ahead of us:

The Bougainvillea bid you welcome; wander awhile and remember life is beautiful!!

Thanks for strolling with me!  Give your dog a face rub and get some sunshine today!

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