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Kristin Whitaker; Little Purple BarnHi, my name is Kristin.  Little Purple Barn is my dream.  If half of what is in my head made the pages, we would be a jungle of a site!

So, how did I start?  Simple. I LOVE FOOD.  Love of food morphed into love of organic, whole food.  With more time than cash, that morphed into a crazy adventure in homesteading….a half-acre full of critters and kids.  Now you can learn along with me, or laugh at my efforts.  The goals are to eat well, eat sustainably, and do it all by the sweat of our brow…..well, hopefully more eating than sweating.

My blogging adventure began with the promptings of two friends who co-launched “whereverthere” in January of 2010.  The idea was that we could write wherever we were, and bring people together…be they in suburban Arizona, the cityscape of NY, or a half-acre of scrub outside Salt Lake City.  Here is my bio from there….


The Little Puprl Barn CrewSo this is me, what can I say? I am yee-haw, heel-clicking, whole-heartedly loving my “whereverthere” right now.

I have four children ages [4 to 9.] I am making up the mom thing as I go. I am married to Shea Whitaker, who was the love of my life the moment I laid eyes on him, mostly because he was the only person taller than me in our whole Jr. High. Hey, relationships have been built on less. He keeps me laughing and somehow tolerates my whims.  Whims that, say, land us on a half acre with a backyard barnyard despite no farm/gardening experience.  I love my man!

I live just outside Salt Lake City, the “Mormon Rome.”  I wouldn’t say I am the stereotypical Mormon—I was barefoot and pregnant but didn’t enjoy it, I have a tattoo and I have an allergic reaction to large doses of organ music—but perhaps the statistics speak for themselves: I had 4 kids in 6 years, attended BYU, like to cook and have turned penny-pinching into a sport.  Maybe I am the stereotype, but before you throw green Jell-O know that I retain the ability to laugh at my peculiarity (you mean not everyone enjoys canning salsa, doing 11 loads of laundry, attending parent teacher conference and changing 14 diapers in one day? Crazy.)

Shea and Kristin Whitaker, Little Purple BarnWhy blog? One, for the creative outlet. I mean, when is the last time you heard your 4-year-old say, “Mom, that was amazing how you used Monday’s meatloaf in 3 subsequent meals without repeating yourself” or “wow honey, the new way you’re folding my underwear really is more efficient”??  For seconds, Charity and Erika found me and what an honor! I am hoping that rubbing up against their brains might blow some of the cobwebs off mine. And last, the embarrassing/awkward/unusual situations I encounter all the time are too good to keep to myself. Even at my own expense, the laughs must be had.

Wherever you go, take an open mind and a sense of humor. Wherever you are, be your best self.  May love and laughter find your whereverthere!


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