99 New things I tried this year.

So, this is officially the 99th post on Whereverthere.  How bout that?  To commemorate, I made a list of 99 things I have tried in 2011 for the first time.  It was a challenge.  I wonder if it is possible to keep up the momentum and try 100 new things every year.  I tried not to list individual foods or every person I met, that would be too easy.  What are some new things you have tried?

Here we go:

99 things in 2011

  1. Blogged.
  2. Bought a camera so I could blog.
  3. Owned, held, or otherwise had any contact with a chicken
  4. Cleaned chicken poop out of my van
  5. Ate farm fresh eggs
  6. Tried straight, raw goat milk
  7. Became a regular shopper at Cal-Ranch and IFA farm stores
  8. Watched Shea baptize my daughter…my oldest turned 8 this year (the age LDS children are baptized) and I was touched and surprised by her understanding and her heart.
  9. Gathered in one place with all my siblings and cousins as adults. (It was supposed to be for my Grandpa’s surprise birthday, but his funeral arrived first.)
  10. Ate raspberries from my own patch.
  11. Wore the bottoms off my favorite snakeskin Doc Martens. I thought those things were eternal.
  12. Grew tomatillos
  13. Grew more than 5 tomatoes. Way more.
  14. Installed stock fencing.
  15. Saw a gopher up close and personal, and waged war on their sorry species.

    #15 the enemy is among us

  16. Dyed a goat beard pink
  17. Started a worm farm
  18. Potty trained the last of my 4 kids, making me diaper free for the first time in 8 years!!!
  19. Milked a goat. Actually became good at it.
  20. Skyped…I know, I am behind the times
  21. Took a Mom & Me swimming class with Zaida
  22. Woke up to the sound of my own rooster. Wished it had a snooze bar.
  23. Ran/speed walked a 5K: the dirty dash. It should count as 5 items, because I have never done a 1K
  24. Started a garden…in my house! Had fun sprouting over 100 plants from 20 different species.
  25. Made homemade jerky…it was gone way too fast
  26. Shaved a goat’s butt
  27. Designed a logo


  28. Ate 2 large pizzas in a pizza eating contest against Shea and 10 teenage boys. Shea ate 3.  I came in second. Didn’t know I could do that.
  29. Though I wouldn’t say I hate cats, we have never been friends until I needed a mouser for our farm. We now own a cat that doesn’t chase mice, but I LOVE her.
  30. Raised chickens in a window well
  31. Cleaned up after baby goats were born. (Can’t say I delivered them, as the process was pretty well automated.)
  32. Went rock hounding in the desert with the kids…found apache tears and chiseled out lemon opals.
  33. I Fly indoor skydiving. Wahoo!
  34. Learned to make wheat bread with no white flour in it
  35. Offered testimony before city council. Scared me to death. Worth it though, as the animal zoning law was changed in our favor, allowing us more than double the animals we could have when we first moved in.
  36. Had the all-you-can-eat French toast breakfast at Kneaders.  Life changing.
  37. Posted an ad that said “Kids for Sale.”  Sold off our extra goats.
  38. Mucked out the goat shed, discovering the most powerful stink on the planet.  Even now, “I’m a survivor” by Destiny’s Child plays in my head when I think of it. Ew.
  39. Roofed a barn. First time roofing anything. Thumbs still intact.

    #39 Wearing my princess of power shirt for luck.

  40. Got my first new, not hand me down, computer.  Shea pulled my 27” apple mac out of the box and I asked where the rest of it was.  I couldn’t comprehend no tower.  Blink Blink
  41. Perfected the art of noodle-less veggie lasagna.
  42. Temporarily ran a petting zoo…that’s what it felt like after the baby goats were born.
  43. Learned that Jackass penguins are a real thing. This is only significant because it is the first argument I ever lost against a 6-year-old. Surely won’t be the last.
  44. Bred rabbits. (why do they say that? They do it themselves. I pretty much just matchmade)
  45. Wired a ceiling fan all by myself.
  46. Painted a fireplace
  47. Gave a goat a beer. Had goaty beer foam blown back in my face.
  48. Skinned and cleaned rabbits.
  49. Tried Bodyrocking…interval training on the internet…and got hooked. Will post more on that later.
  50. Taught a Sunday school class of only boys; first time I have been around that many teenage guys since high school drumline!
  51. Gave up Dr Pepper….for a record 6 months so far!  My heart still pines!
  52. Tried Spirulina crunchies, aka freeze dried algae, and loved it.
  53. Had sushi in San Diego with my dad. I have been trying to get him to go for sushi with me for years!
  54. Started juicing and drinking green smoothies regularly.
  55. Styled my hair in a beehive. Talk about back combing!
  56. Learned I look like Peg Bundy when I take my hair out of a beehive.
  57. Put a feather boa on one goat and a bow tie on the other. Had to dress them up for family pics!
  58. Ate raw food for a month.  Eating only raw food for even a day was a first!
  59. Began teaching myself web design.  Online tutorials, manuals, and trial and error. Mostly error. Thanks Dean Householder, Internet guru, for bailing me out several times!
  60. Tiled a backsplash.
  61. Stopped going to the gym. Haven’t been all year. Not once. That is a first in a long, long time.
  62. Dug for trilobites in Delta, UT with the kiddos. Actually found some!

    #62 prehistoric fun with the kids

  63. Took online courses from nicolesclasses.com  I can now bumble my way around Photoshop and Illustrator.  Hope to take more.
  64. Painted a barn…purple.
  65. Baked a goat cheese cake.  Never used goat cheese in anything desserty before.
  66. Looked in my deep freezer and found that 75% of everything in there…meat, veggies, and fruit…was grown in my own yard. Yay!
  67. Painted over a cockroach. (Not at my house, at an apt renovation I was helping with.) ew.
  68. Took my goats for a walk. Thanks to the Bach family for loaning me a couple of dog leashes.  (blog post soon)
  69. Went on a field trip with my 2nd grader.  Found out I need to get babysitters and do that more often.
  70. Broke a piñata in the rain…don’t do that, it ruins the candy.
  71. Ate a bacon maple sundae.
  72. Bought a walker. Fortunately I don’t need it to walk, I use it for dips and reverse push ups.
  73. Went three months in a row without my back going out.  That is HUGE for me.
  74. Cleaned up graffiti.
  75. Sampled chocolates from around the world and offered my “expert” chocolate opinion to a friend developing a chocolate supplement.  Nice to use my lifelong appreciation of cocoa for good.
  76. Took my kids to natural hot pots in Delta. Thankful there weren’t any nudists there at the time.
  77. Dyed my three-year-old’s hair red. It was supposed to be pink and supposed to be temporary. Oops.
  78. Read The Shack by Wm. Paul Young. Cried my eyes out. Bought 10 copies of it to


    share with friends.

  79. Sent my third kid to kindergarten and teared up for the first time.  Maybe things were so crazy with the other two that I didn’t have time to be sentimental, but watching Becca leave for school was bittersweet.
  80. Downloaded my Facebook history and read through my status updates for the last 3 years. Turns out, I am pretty sarcastic. Shocking.
  81. Filmed my kids eating worms.  This is not the first time (or last time) they have done this, just the first time I filmed it.
  82. Haven’t watched TV all year.  Never hooked ours up. Hardly have time for movies either.
  83. Left all my kids home while I went to San Diego for 7 whole days. Thanks to everyone who helped make that possible. That is the longest I have been without my babies.
  84. Dumpster dived in Salem to get the massive amounts of newspaper I used in my

    #84 These boots were made for…climbing in and out of trash bins.

    garden boxes. Not the first time I dumpster dived, just first time in Salem.

  85. Read how to sex bunnies. Had someone demonstrate how to sex bunnies. Still can’t tell a boy bunny from a girl bunny if they aren’t fully grown.
  86. Got stuck in fencing and stranded in the snow for nearly an hour.
  87. Dabbled as a real estate agent…showed some houses, wrote some contracts.
  88. Tried to build a rabbit hutch. Bought a used one on KSL Classifieds instead.
  89. Landed at my ideal weight and maintained it…so far.
  90. Met Charity’s awesome hubby. So fun they were able to drop by! Hadn’t seen Charity since Jr. High!
  91. Shared dark chocolate goat milk sorbet with Erika. Hadn’t seen her since college. Good times!
  92. Became addicted to documentaries.  Sigh. I used to make fun of people like me.
  93. Tried to teach my 5-year-old daughter how to pee in the great outdoors. Got peed on.
  94. Showered in ice-cold outdoor showers. Thought I would die.  (Next dirty dash I run, I will pay for the hot water!)
  95. Tried formal wear on at a scratch and dent/surplus store. Nothing like ball gowns in the same building as bargain brand tuna and dental floss.
  96. Launched three different websites, not counting blogs.
  97. Invented peach-chia leather.  Followed by plum-chia leather. Chia and fruit leather, the next big thing I tell you!
  98. Tried to make a list of 99 new things I did this year.
  99. Ran out of things to say.

3 comments on “99 New things I tried this year.

  1. VeNicia on said:

    Hey! This is one completely delightful list. What an adventurous soul =o)

  2. Charity on said:

    Kristin, YOU ARE A MARVEL. I love this list. I’m so happy to be on it!!!

  3. Kristin, W.O.W.! That is a fantastic recap of the year. Fun to read all of those amazing things. Loved so many, but when you opened your freezer and found 75% of stuff from your yard, it very clearly shows what you spend so much of your time doing! Love it all!!!

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