101/1001 Challenge: Are You Game?

the 101 in 1001 challengeA lofty goal, some fancy numbers, a challenge….

I imagine anyone crazy enough to “homestead” is also obsessed with learning, progressing, improving, and pushing to the next level. After all, why strive for self-reliance if you aren’t reliable? If you aren’t swimming, you’re floating downstream.  When I found this challenge on another homesteading blog, I was immediately intrigued.  A challenge to get more done, be better at what I do, accomplish my goals…I am game!

I love check lists. They show off accomplishments and there is nothing like the relief of checking a task as done (especially for a dirty chore like barn mucking!!)  So, though I usually fail miserably at new year’s resolutions, an elaborate checklist with a lengthy timeline seems much more doable for me.

So here is the break down:

You have 1001 days to accomplish 101 goals.

Big or small, local or global, deep or shallow…the goals can be whatever you deem important. Requirements?  Goals need to be specific and measurable; they should be realistic while still stretching your limits.

That’s it folks. Roughly 2 ¾ years to build character.  This challenge is not new.  It first caught my attention on an awesome blog, The Lazy Homesteader. My gratitude to whoever originally kicked this off.

Doing the challenge is one thing, but posting it?  I mean, why let you all watch me fail?  It is almost like double daring myself.  With a little pressure, I am more apt to go for it.  What do I have to lose?  If I don’t check them all off, will my barn fall apart? (well, actually it might. Siding is on my list.) There are risks I guess, but what a motivator, what a way to keep myself accountable!

How is this different from my list of 99 things? As fun as that list was to compile, it was done in hindsight. This is a chance to proactively bring the change I want into my life, to rise to meet challenges I determine.  To add more chocolate into my diet.  mmmm.  What were we talking about again?

I love the deadline…far enough to be flexible, but soon enough to feel real. What will you be doing in just under 3 years?  I want to be looking back and saying, “whoa, I did all that!”

So I am extending the challenge to you all (or should I say y’all? I do own cowboy boots now.) Write your own list. Have your family help.  Post it somewhere you will see it everyday. Review it every week.  Sunday seems a great day for that! If you blog, post a link to your list in our comments so we can check it out.

With each accomplishment, cross one off and do a little happy dance. Even better, post your achievements on our Facebook wall so we can get jiggy with you! I would so love to hear what you are working on! I will update you on my list as well.

To make it even easier, here is a link to figure out your finish date. Post your date on our wall and I will send out monthly check up emails!  Also, don’t wait to start just because you can’t think of 101 things. You can finish your list as you go. Or do what Anisa (the Lazy Homesteader) did, add “finish the list” to your list!

To give you ideas, my list is posted on its own page here on the site.

Check out my 101/1001 2012 list!

My date, starting from the day I wrote this post, is

Sunday August 12, 2015


Wow, imagine that. My oldest daughter will be 11, my youngest 6.  The Mayan calendar will be long obsolete and according to Marty McFly, Damon will be riding a hoverboard.  And I will be loving my little purple barn.  Oh wait, I already do!



A groovy reminder to write goals that will make you happy!



2 comments on “101/1001 Challenge: Are You Game?

  1. Great blog, love the list :)

  2. Catherine T on said:

    I am way excited by this challenge!

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