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Presenting my first stab at the 101/1001 challenge. Are you up for it?

Here is where you can find the details.

Check it out to see if it gives you any ideas. If  you see something you think would make a good blog post, let me know in the comments. I also welcome any tips you might have! Wish me luck!

November 14, 2012 to August 12, 2015

I made general categories to make reference easier.  Here we go, in no particular order.  Deep breath…


  • 1.  Go on at least a monthly date with Shea done: Dec, Jan
  • 2.  Finish The Child Whisperer and type each of us
  • 3.  Start using driving time to talk to the kids, rather than drowning them out with the radio.  this is going great, we have developed a car version of truth or dare that has us laughing and interacting a lot!
  • 4.  Take the kids moose watching in Brighton at least twice a year
  • 5.  Make homemade tortillas with the kids
  • 6.  Start a notebook exchange with each kid
  • 7.  Enforce the “five minute pickup” before bed Going great! It makes life so much better and gives us an interaction right before bed. 
  • 8.  Teach the girls to braid their own hair. Have fun styling each other!
  • 9.  Interview kids on their birthdays. Write down their favorites, measurements, goals and wishes.
  • 10.  When I am really mad/frustrated at the kids, drop it and do something unexpected instead. working on it. Had a few successes. 
  • 11.  Write Shea more love notes and hidden treats. (hope he doesn’t read this) I found a stash where he saves them. Sweet!
  • 12.  Find and buy Bed knobs and Broomsticks, Pollyanna, Swiss Family Robinson to watch with the kiddos


  • 13. Paint the downstairs
  • 14. Finally install the kids light fixtures and photograph the kids room….while they are clean
  • 15. Let kids help design and paint the toy room
  • 16. Turn half the toy room into a sewing room
  • 17. Insulate storage room and turn into cold storage (or build a root cellar?)
  • 18. Clean the garage, reinstall the ceiling shelving that caved in
  • 19. Make my bed everyday So far, I have only missed one day!


  • Green smoothies restore the peace.

    20. Green smoothie (or juice) every day

  • 21. Chia everyday
  • 22. Sole every day, first thing in the morning
  • 23. Make and post a list of junk food I can live without forever
  • 24. Switch to natural deodorant 
  • 25. Don’t drink soda…especially my beloved Dr Pepper! last drink Dec 28th
  • 26. Go a whole month without Fast food of any kind. Then go from there.
  • 27. Rewrite my favorite Freezer meals to include only whole, unprocessed foods
  • 28. Do a monthly juice fast…at least 2 days Done Nov, Dec
  • 29. Stretch morning and night doing it!
  • 30. Interval training at least 3 X week; cardio at least 2 X Doing it! feeling better!
  • 31. Take a yoga class
  • 32. Find a sprouted bread recipe I like
  • 33. Learn about sourdough starts
  • 34. Learn to like Kefir, Learn to ferment foods (and like it)
  • 35.  Make the kids lunches for school at least 4 days a week. Better, I do all five! No more school lunches!


  • 36. Pray out loud in the morning and at night doing it
  • 37. Practice “inserting a space” before I speak with a raised voice. I suck at this
  • swear jar

    Stopping the swears can get expensive!

    38. Stop swearing hmmm, a small decrease so far?

  • 39. Write down my most inspiring, spiritual or uplifting moments so I have a record of them
  • 40. Write letters to Uncle Nick aver 2 weeks minimum while he is on his mission
  • 41. Start preparing Sunday lessons a week in advance doing it!
  • 42. Introduce myself to new people at church
  • 43. Read more about different religious figures Buddha, Mother Theresa, Dalai Lama, Muhammad, Confucius, Lao Tsu, Gandhi…and compile another quote book.
  • 44. Start planning “Dana day” service project in January
  • 45. Send thank you cards out Doing it!
  • 46. Write a random thinking of you card once a month (First Sunday?) Mail it.
  • 47. Read Bible cover to cover again
  • 48. Read Book of Mormon cover to cover again
  • 49. Submit an article to a church publication


  • 50. Get student loans paid off
  • 51. Be free of credit debt
  • 52. Learn how to invest in stocks.
  • 53. Generate extra income from home without taking time away from the kids
  • 54. Always be home when the kids walk in from school only missed one day so far, by 5 minutes
  • 55. Make a hot breakfast or a green smoothie for the kids breakfast every day
  • 56. Invite a kid to help each time I cook, involve them doing better
  • 57. Take each kid on a field trip with their class
  • 58. Teach Zaida to write her full name before she starts kindergarten
  • 59. Make myself a chore chart that works
  • 60. Fix the pile of holey clothes on my sewing machine
  • 61. Turn off the lights and lockup when I leave the house
  • 62. Figure out how to roll over my Roth IRA


  • 63. Solar power to the barn
  • 64. Heated watering system for animals
  • 65. Plant Jerusalem Artichokes and sunflowers in field; harvest
  • 66. Stage an emergency power outage, weekend no power
  • 67. Figure out how to use rabbit pelts
  • 68. Trim the shingles on the barn roof
  • 69. Get a beehive or co-op with someone
  • 70. Turn the deck into a greenhouse
  • 71. Finish the Grape Trellis
  • 72. Make goat milk soap
  • 73. Make homemade lotion and chapstick
  • 74. Use the rain barrel that is just sitting in the garage
  • 75. Spread the comfrey the line of the front fence, use it in garden and with livestock
  • 76. Store water for emergencies and make 72 hours kits for each member of the family
  • 77. Can or freeze homemade stock and broth (never throw away bones!)
  • 78. Find and try more rabbit recipes
  • 79. Get gooseberries and currants going
  • 80. Plant sweet potatoes and learn to cure them
  • 81. Create a plot to grow corn complete with scarecrows
  • 82. Investigate gray water collection
  • 83. Get rid of harsh chemical cleaners in the house, replace with natural ones
  • 84. Make mozzarella and feta
  • 85. Get a back up generator for the deep freezer
  • 86. Teach kids to milk the goats on their own
  • 87. Establish a thriving strawberry patch
  • 88. Get a weathervane for the barn.
  • 89. Help Damon start his worm/mealworm farm
  • 90. Perfect my sprouting system. Harvest micro greens
  • 91.  Throw a Purple Barn Party for the neighbors


  • 92. Write regularly on a blog…once a week so far so good!
  • 93. Complete wild edibles/foraging class
  • 94. Take course on web design
  • 95. Hike the Narrows
  • 96. Organize photos, print photo albums by years
  • 97. Go rock climbing
  • 98. Get my tattoo touched up (if you’re going to have one, it should look nice, right?)
  • 99. Go snowshoeing in the moonlight with Shea
  • 100. Make a raw lasagna
  • 101. Start writing down original recipes with measurements so I can make another cookbook…this time a healthy one!


And there it is. What’s on your list? Keep in touch on the Facebook page and lets see how many of these we can get checked off!

3 comments on “101/1001

  1. Hmmmm, great list. I can help you with some of those things, although you forgot to put ‘take a trip to Cabo with the most awesome person ever’ on there :)

  2. Annette Chambers on said:

    Wow, I am so inspired with your list. As I was reading it, I got ideas for my own goals. I would like to copy some of yours if thats OK? THANKS!

    • Kristin on said:

      Copy away! And while you are at it, add “write awesome raw and healthy recipes down to share with Kristin and her blog.” You are so full of good tips and tricks, I would love it if you wrote some down for us!!!

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